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February 14, 2020
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February 16, 2020

Tamorrion Terry is a Big Time Player for Florida State

Tamorrion Terry is definitely a Big Time Player for Florida State. Every time the football is in his hands, you feel the excitement in the stadium knowing it’s a chance he’s going to break loose. Many teams knew he was going to get the ball and still couldn’t stop him. Tamorrion can catch a simple hitch route and take it to the house! He’s a game changer for Florida State.

In 2019 Tamorrion had 60 catches, 1,188 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns receiving. Tamorrion is a leader at the wide receiver position on and off the field. He’s coming back for his redshirt junior season in 2020 and you can expect him to continue being a Star.

Tamorrion Terry is going to have a lot of NFL scouts checking on him all season long. He’s a 1st Round Talent, but all of his focus will be on being the best he can be this season coming.

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