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The story of FSU commit Joshua Farmer

Amazing stories are always providing a source of encouragement especially in sports. The Gadsden County Football team has a player named Joshua Farmer with a journey that is just getting started and must be heard. The sun will be shining bright on the Gadsden County Football Community this football season. Gadsden County is located in north Florida consisting of the following cities Quincy, Chattahoochee, Havana, Gretna, and Midway which has been known to produce great athletes. FAMU Coaches Willie Simmons and Alex Jackson both from Gadsden County look to have another winning season with the Rattlers. The Gadsden Jaguars always find success under the watch of Head Coach Corey Fuller. Coach Fuller has some big time talent returning and they have a serious chance at winning the state Championship this upcoming season. With players returning like Darrell Jackson – Tennessee Commit, Jordan White, TJ Lee, De’Vonta Roberts, J Thomas, and Jamel Stanley are some of the players that will assist with achieving great success this upcoming season. They also have Joshua Farmer a Florida State commit who has faced some very tough times. Joshua has lost both of his parents. At the age of 2 he lost his father Greg Farmer to a severe Tumor and who also suffered from breathing problems. At the age of 11 he lost his mother Pauline Farmer to a Brian Aneurysm. Joshua says that he will always love and remember his parents. He makes it clear that his parents legacy will live on as he continues to strive for excellence. After these very difficult moments of his parents passing his grandmother Ruby Farmer stepped in with love to help raise him. Joshua has received some assistance from family and friends from both places where he grew up Apalachicola and Port St. Joe. Joshua the youngest of eight says “I will be forever grateful to all of my brothers and sisters, for always being there for me.” He now stays with his older siblings and has mentioned numerous times how thankful he is for them. Joshua started playing football at the age of 7 and instantly had a passion for the game. Joshua laughed as he says during his younger football days the game came very easy to him. But now Joshua knows he has to step his game up and work harder than everyone else. He stays ahead of the competition now a days by working out twice a day. The main reason for him leaving Port St. Joe was to move from the smaller class 1A to 4A which has more talent and bigger athletes. Joshua is now rated one of the best defensive players in the country. He is very excited to play a home game against TRINTY Christian from Texas and face Deion Sanders son Shedeur who is Trinity’s Quarterback Thursday August 20, 2020 this upcoming season. Joshua’s move from Port St. Joe and his hard work has paid off, with him earning scholarship offers from power 5 Universities all across the country. His first offers came from Southern Miss, Maryland, and Texas A & M which led to the more offers. Joshua said that FSU coach Odell Haggins played a major part with him committing to the Seminoles. He has respect for Coach Odell with his longevity with FSU, the players he has coached, and the knowledge of the game he provided during recruiting. Not only did his Coach (Fuller) play at FSU, he will be joining a list of players which include Dexter Jackson, Abdul Howard, Leroy Smith, Decody Fagg, and Derrick Kelly who all played in Gadsden County and all started multiple years for the Seminoles. Coach Fuller always provides kids with great coaching, opportunities to play at the next level, and surrounds the kids with a great coaching staff like Coaches Devin Ris, Johnathan Holston, and Mark Liles. Coach Devin Ris is the assistant head coach at Gadsden County High he says, Since the day I’ve met him after he moved to Gadsden County to seek a better opportunity I’ve witnessed a kid that is driven by the misfortune he has endured in his young life. After losing both parents at a young age and being raised by his older siblings this young man hasn’t wavered. His work ethic is unmatched, he works out two times a day and he’s strong academically carrying a 3.5 Grade Point Average. On top of that he’s a great young man. You couldn’t go in the lab and create a better young individual. Joshua has set major goals for this upcoming season, which are getting 20 sacks and winning the state title. After speaking with this young man and watching him play you can see clearly that he is the model of an unselfish team player, the kind of athlete who makes those around him shine. He has become devoted to his education because he saw knowledge as the key to freeing himself from the chains of ignorance. He attributes his success to his many times of grieving because he has claimed they made him try even harder. They certainly did not discourage him.


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